Tips for preparing a new patio


If you’ve been thinking about a new garden patio, then one of your most important considerations is going to be preparing the installation. Of course, this boils down to a number of key factors, such as its location, the size and even the material used.

Patios are very popular in the UK, because let’s face it, we all love to be out in the garden when the sun’s out in the summer. Patios offer an opportunity to be off the grass and can be an excellent place to socialise round a BBQ or even relax in peace after a hard day at work.

So how can you prepare the perfect patio for your home? First of all you need to decide where your patio will go and how large it’ll be. Simply draw out a plan of your proposed garden, on graph paper if possible, and ensure it’s to scale. On this initial design try to include obstacles you’ll need to work around and any feature plants or trees you want to incorporate.

After you’ve created this essential blueprint, it’s time to get the right material to complement your garden. There are so many materials out there for you to decide between that it’s easy to get the right appeal for your own home. You’ll have to choose the colour, shape and size of your patio too and this will be neater if you avoid cutting slabs up to fit.

Some examples of the various materials at your disposal include:

  1. Natural stone blocks in cubes, sets or flag stones
  2. Block paving
  3. Pre-cast concrete slabs
  4. Permeable concrete blocks
  5. Slate
  6. York stone
  7. Brick paving
  8. Textured, riven or decorative flag stones

Once you’ve decided on one of the above it’s then time to get quotes for the work. Of course, if you do struggle to decide, then professional assistance can definitely help you make a decision. We recommend using a professional to lay the patio as it is a surprisingly difficult task and any mistakes are easily spotted. The last thing you want is to waste money on a botched job.

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