Gravel driveway

Gravel driveways have become the nation’s favourite and it doesn’t take a genius to understand the reasons why they’re so popular. Gravel driveways are cheap, easy to lay, require little maintenance and look great all at the same time.

In particular gravel has an appeal for homes made from stone and brick. Gravel can be used for any size of driveway and there are actually a range of colours to choose from too. Gravel driveways offer a security feature too because the stones will crunch when a vehicle or person passes over.

There are some negatives with gravel driveways; the main one being that those on a gradient can’t be gravelled because it’d be difficult to keep in place.

Gravel driveway maintenance

With gravel driveways you will find that after time they’ll start to bed down and weeds and dirt can show. Simple maintenance can be used to prevent this, so it’s important to carry out regular jobs.

Weeds can be eradicated by using a weed killer to spray across the surface of the driveway and this should be enough to keep them at bay. Other maintenance involved would be sweeping gravel back onto the driveway and giving the whole drive a rake through to ensure the stones remain loose.

Gravel choices

With gravel driveways there is plenty of choice and a lot will depend on your budget, plus the look you’re after. It’s this reason that longer driveways are almost always gravelled. The cheapest gravel option tends to be the pea shingle and despite the price can still have a very good appeal.

As the cost increases you’ll find the gravel takes on a more rounded shape, rather than being sharp. There will also be a better grade for size and colour. Cheaper gravel could essentially be a mixed bag and the more expensive varieties will have one type of stone whilst being consistent in texture, size and colour.

Gravel driveway lifetime

With gravel drives there’s one thing you can be absolutely sure of and that’s they will last a long time. Essentially you won’t have to worry about having a new drive installed in the future if you opt for gravel. Potholes can be easily filled with sand and the driveway is sure to outlive both you and your children.

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