Driveway ideas

Driveways are common across the UK as a place to keep your vehicles off-road. Homeowners are particularly keen on driveways when parking is restricted on the road and they give a greater sense of security too.

There are plenty of driveway ideas and below we explain the eight common surfaces used in Britain.


Gravel driveways are growing in popularity throughout the UK because of the low cost associated with installations.

You will need to carry out regular maintenance such as raking but this is simple enough. Gravel driveway ideas are quick to install and there are plenty of colours to choose from so you can benefit from a customised look.


Concrete is a great material on driveways for several reasons, including its excellent versatility, durability, low maintenance and relatively cost-effective price. Concrete driveways can take a simple appearance or you could opt for something with a little more design and flair, with a range of colours and textures available.


Paver driveway ideas are popular because of the visual kerb appeal they provide. On top of this there are a number of choices to set your home apart from the crowd. Whilst paver slabs can be more expensive they don’t require too much maintenance and will last for 30 to 40 years.

Tarmac driveways are one of the cheaper options available, whilst not compromising on durability and resilience. Tarmac is extremely dark and is laid as a hot liquid, setting in just hours. It can also be laid straight over a previous driveway too, making installation quick and easy.


Shell driveways ideas aren’t the most popular but can have a beautiful effect at the front of your home, often coming from clams, oysters or scallops. They offer a range of colours and are an eco-friendly way to create a driveway when sourced responsibly. On top of the aesthetic appeal, shell drives provide excellent drainage.

Basalt pavers

Basalt is an igneous rock and therefore is hard, dense and durable. As such it’s popular for a range of uses including patios, driveways and walkways. Basalt driveways offer a fantastic finish with great aesthetic appeal and although not one of the preferred options, should certainly not be dismissed entirely.

Recycled driveway ideas give an appeal that sets the home apart from any other around. Each driveway is unique and often many materials are blended to create the finished look, such as brick, stone and gravel. This is a sustainable solution that still offers everything you’d want from a drive.


Brick driveways are an elegant choice and although they can be one of the more expensive options they have a very positive effect on the home. Properly installed brick driveways won’t require too much maintenance work and should last a lifetime. Choose from a range of colours and patterns.

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