Storm Darcy: How important is drainage for your driveway?

Storm Darcy has brought cold air rushing in, carpeting large areas of central and eastern England and Scotland with snow. With the thawing of the snow it makes sense to take precautions and be ready for any possible flooding.

As you woke to a fresh blanket of snow today, there were several crashes on icy motorways and elderly people have been warned against travelling to COVID vaccination appointments, if conditions in their area are treacherous. Met Office spokesman Nicola Maxey said: ‘We’re in this easterly airflow, bringing in very cold air and picking up moisture over the North Sea, which is turning to snow.’

Norfolk Police has also warned people not to travel in blizzard-like conditions, adding that many roads have fallen victim to snowdrifts. What lies in store once the snow begins to thaw? Could you find your home at risk of having an ingress of water?

Did you know that one in every six English homes is under threat from flooding and rising?

What does this mean? Well, your home needs better defences to ensure it’s not victim to water damage this winter.

In order to do this it’s essential the drainage is suitable for your property. Natural drains such as lawns are being replaced with patios, so straight away you’re losing some of your home’s defences. If there’s a big storm then the rainwater won’t be able to disperse evenly.

Improve the drainage in your driveway

So how can you make changes to your home? By starting with the driveway. There are now new regulations in place from local councils which ensure more porous materials are used in the construction of driveways.

For those which were installed over five years ago, you won’t be benefitting from the latest technology. As such, you won’t officially need to tear up the whole driveway and start over again. What you can do though is have the materials replaced by bringing in a professional driveway specialist.

Don’t just go with the cheap option

Of course, whilst a cheaper material may be tempting, it’s important to plan for the future and bear in mind that by 2080, rainfall in the UK will have increased by 20%. So if you’re considering a new driveway, it makes sense to get the job done right at the first time of asking.

If your home suffers from a flood as the result of poor drainage, you could be forced into paying thousands of pounds for repairs. On top of this, you can also expect your insurance premiums to be increased.

Fortunately, there are many different driveway styles for you to consider. This includes materials such as tarmac, concrete, gravel and pattern imprinted. Therefore you can find a suitable driveway for your home that will aid in drainage whilst looking great at the same time.

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