Driveway cleaning

Driveways are actually a very important part of the home and a pristine look will instantly boost kerb appeal. Unfortunately many homeowners don’t take good care of their driveways and when left unmaintained they’ll quickly deteriorate.

Essentially, carrying out maintenance work yourself each week, and bringing in a company to clean and reseal the driveway occasionally will keep the excellent aesthetic appeal.

The driveway sealant is often the integral part of the structural make-up. If a driveway or path isn’t sealed correctly it can wear through use and weather conditions.

With a professional driveway maintenance company you can ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned, repair any damage that may have been caused, and then apply sealant coat as and when needed. Experts suggest that driveways need to be resealed every three to five years.

By having your driveway maintained, as in a similar way to a patio, you can increase the life expectancy and instantly improve the look, which reflects well on your property as a whole.
Common problems noted by professional driveway companies:

  • Erosion of the seal through weather conditions
  • Wearing of the surface through use, such as vehicles and people
  • A build-up of dirt and debris, including oil, weeds and algae

Essentially there are some excellent benefits to having your driveway taken care of by a professional, including:

  • A longer life expectancy and improved appeal
  • Strengthening to the driveway’s structure as a whole
  • Keeping to recommendations to reseal the driveway every three to five years
  • Avoid the need to replace your driveway and have it professionally maintained for a much cheaper cost

Remember if you have a driveway requiring sealant you need to take extra care or you’ll lose the appeal. Driveway companies stress the point that as sealant makes up the structural foundations of your driveway it’s essential to have it maintained to increase life expectancy.

Experts suggest sealant should be reapplied every three to five years to lengthen the aesthetic appeal, as leaving an unsealed driveway open to the elements will quickly damage the surface beyond repair.

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