Fencing for your garden and driveway

Whenever you move into a new home, fencing is often already in place. Because of this it’s easy to not take too much care over it, letting it age without a thought. However, your home’s fencing is very important and you need to ensure making the right decisions, whether it’s for your back or front garden.

Panel fencing or units are typically the most common fence and realistically you want to be looking at 5-6ft in height. This gives your garden the privacy it needs, whilst also keeping in pets and keeping out unwanted animals such as foxes. Of course, in the front garden you won’t need this size of fencing, otherwise your home will resemble Fort Knox. At the front of your home you’ll only need panels of 3ft in height.

So what do you need to know about fencing? Well, panel fencing is what you would imagine. It’s created from horizontal slats of wood, which are supported by two lengths. One runs along the top and the other along the bottom.

Not only do these help improve the privacy of your home, but are also wind resistant, which is essential in the UK, especially over winter. Unfortunately it’s a common occurrence for poorly fitted fencing to uplift in windy conditions.

Board fencing has the same qualities when it comes to strength and weather resistance, but also offers a little more in the way of aesthetic appeal. On board fencing, each strip is overlapped by the other panels by the thickness of about an inch. The panels are wedge shaped and range from 1 inch to 0.5 inches at either end. What this does is give you a different appeal to the panel fencing variety.

Fences act as excellent borders for your home, whether at the back or front of the property. If you are interested in fencing, no matter the size or style, then ensure to compare quotes from up to four professionals so you can be sure of getting a great deal and a thoroughly qualified company.

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